About Us


Take pride in clothes that make a difference

Alta Gracia Apparel is not another self-anointed ‘socially responsible’ brand. It is the result of an unprecedented partnership of organizations with long-standing dedication to labor rights. Supporting Alta Gracia Apparel means job creation, living wages, benefits and education for workers and families who make these garments.


Company Background

Alta Gracia was founded in 2010 as the only apparel company in the developing world that is independently certified in paying a living wage.

Alta Gracia manufactures life-­‐changing apparel in the Dominican Republic and sells “collegiate branded products” to the bookstore retail channel. What makes Alta Gracia unique is that we provide a living wage to all workers. A living wage is defined as the income necessary for a worker to meet all of their family’s basic needs.

In addition to this salary, we respects our employees’ rights as workers and as human beings, including the right to a safe and healthy workplace, the right to be treated with dignity and respect on the job, and the right to form a union.